Personal Loan Interest Rate

A personal loan is guaranteed by property and therefore,has a lower interest rate. The interest rate will be automatically lowered if the lender's interest rate corresponding to the selected rate schedule for a similar term is lower at the time the lender receives the Loan Application. Select a product type from the list below to view current rates and find the top products.

Bank Interest Rate Processing Fee Prepayment Charges Apply
HDFC 15.75-116.4% 2% 4% Apply Now
Axis Bank 15%to22% 2% Nill Apply Now
Fullerton 21% - 32% 2% Nill Apply Now
standard chartered 16% - 17% 2% 2%-5% Apply Now
Bajaj Finserv 15.75%-16.75% 2% - 2.5% Nill Apply Now
Disclaimer: Please note that the interest rates given here are based on the market research and are subject to change.
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